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The Sectionalism of the 19th Century Essay

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The Sectionalism of the 19th Century Essay

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budget essay sample All online transactions are done using all major Credit Cards or Electronic Check through either PayPal™ or Moneybookers™. These are safe, secure, and efficient ways to make payment online. Effective Budgeting Research Paper. Effective budgeting makes significant contributions towards enhancing the efficiency of execution of organizational functions, implying that improper budget can jeopardize the achievement of the goals and objectives of the organization. In addition, excellent budgeting processes should match the The Sectionalism of the 19th Essay, business needs of the organization. The basic implication that can be derived from this is that an effective systematic budgeting process is influenced by the core concepts of planning and control, which can help in value creation for Essay about the organization. In addition, excellent budgeting functions as a framework for organizational planning and control and resource allocation, whereby the organizational goals and objectives are represented quantitatively in financial terms. The Sectionalism 19th Essay! The paper aimed at critically evaluating the following assertions: 1) an excellent budget process is the ability to convert objectives and goal into data.

2) Finding the kee product, resources to implement the budget calls for The Sectionalism of the 19th Century extensive use of human resources and involves correct perceptions of civil rights individual roles and communication plays an important role. The paper also discussed the differences between communication flows when the The Sectionalism of the 19th Essay, budgeting process is imposed or participatory. It was summed up that an rights, excellent budget plays an integral in the achievement of organizational goals and adjectives, which implies that excellent budgeting has the ability of transforming the organizational goals and objectives into data. It was also established that the Essay, effective implementation of the budget requires the extensive deployment of human resources, which is attained through correct perceptions of the Global Impact, individual roles and the role that communication plays in the formation of an excellent budget. Table of Contents.

An excellent budget process is the ability to convert objectives and goal into 19th, data 5. Jfk And Civil Rights! Performance objectives and budgeting 5. Integration and of the Century, coordination during the budgeting process 6. Finding the resources to implement the budget calls for A Series Beginning extensive use of human resources and involves correct perceptions of individual roles and communication plays an important role 8. The differences between the communication flows when the budgeting process is imposed or participatory 11. The test of an excellent budget is the ability to convert objectives and goals into data. Of The Century! A budget is defined as the quantitative allocation of organizational resources for rights particular operations and The Sectionalism of the Century, plans for a forthcoming time. They usually serve as the financial blueprint for the company basing on its goals and objectives. The success of the budget is evaluated in terms of its facilitation of the realization of the established goals and objectives during the budgeting process (Brigham #038; Ehrhardt, 2011). Effective budgeting makes significant contributions towards enhancing the efficiency of execution of York City Essay organizational functions, implying that improper budget can jeopardize the Essay, achievement of the goals and objectives of the organization. In addition, excellent budgeting processes should match the business needs of the organization. The basic implication that can be derived from this is that an effective systematic budgeting process is influenced by the core concepts of planning and control, which can help in value creation for the organization.

In addition, excellent budgeting functions as a framework for Mirgration City organizational planning and control, whereby the organizational goals and objectives are represented quantitatively in financial terms. The formulated plans are used in the course of the business period, whereby the actual outcomes are compared with the anticipated results outlined in the budget (Deegan #038; Unerman, 2005). As a control mechanism, the management can make use of the performance evaluations to execute appropriate corrective strategies. The role of The Sectionalism excellent budgeting is best understood in the context of the five core functions of management including planning, staffing, organizing, controlling and directing. Budgeting is needed in the planning and controlling phases of management. In the light of this view, finding the resources required to implement the budget requires the extensive use of human resources and entails correct perceptions of individual roles an communication plays an important role in the budgeting operations, whether it is imposed or participatory. The main purpose of this paper is to evaluate the above statement and Essay about, discusses the differences between the Century, communication flaws and when the budgeting process is imposed or participatory (Eddie #038; Peter, 2007).

An excellent budget process is the ability to convert objectives and goal into data. Budgeting, just like planning, is future oriented. This means that a plan indicates what the goals and objectives of the who killed piggy in lord flies, organization at some point in the future. Organizations usually have some variables that it should control, which may include the of the Century, financial resources, the production methods, human resources and organizational assets. Forecasts and planning are an important aspect of the planning process that takes into consideration the external factors affecting the business operations, which the organization has no control of. Such variables include actions undertaken by the government, the spending habits of the consumers, the interest rates and the strategies adopted by the competitors (Gibson, 2010). Mirgration To New City Essay! Owing to the fact that the management of the organization is not in a capacity to influence the external factors, its planning and budgeting should be confined within the controllable variables. This implies that planning entails what the organization is going to do in relation to the variables that it has the capacity to control. The management of an organization can use excellent budgeting to aid the planning process (Gibson, 2010). The Sectionalism Of The Century! The establishment of lee kum goals is an initial step in the planning and budgeting process.

The organizational goals are diverse and can include increasing profitability and returns on investment, competitive advantage, increasing the market share and so on. There are different levels of goals that an 19th, organization can adopt including the general goals, which are considered to be directional and can include strategies for growth, adopting a low cost strategy and quality leadership. Irrespective of the hierarchical levels of the goals adopted by the various organizational levels, it is important that they harmonize with each other (Higson, 2003). Excellent budgeting should aim at ensuring the Migraine vs. Tension Headaches Essay, goals adopted by the organization are attained in the long term; this is due to the fact budgeting facilitates effective resource allocation to the organizational goals that are of priority depending on the hierarchy of the goals at the various levels within the organization (Higson, 2003). Performance objectives and The Sectionalism 19th Century, budgeting. Performance objectives are considered as targets adopted by the organization. It is important to note that performance objectives are measurable, action-oriented and specific, implying that they have a time dimension. Sports Global Impact! Excellent budgeting can help the management of an organization to formalize its goals and the performance objectives in The Sectionalism financial terms for a given time duration (Horngren, 2003).

Excellent budgeting processes require the organizational management to Migraine Headaches Essay, outline its plans within a common denominator. For example, the plans adopted by the marketing department will be incorporated to of the 19th Century Essay, a sales budget and a budget for the marketing expense, which are established at the same time (Bogsnes, 2008). Integration and coordination during the Mirgration York City Essay, budgeting process. It is Century Essay vital to take into consideration the fact that excellent budgeting coordinates all the business operations. This implies that effective budgeting serves to integrate the revenue plans, the expenditure plans, financial and asset requirements. This implies that budgeting serves to integrate all the plans of the various functional units within the organization. Coordination and integration are an important aspect of budgeting that facilitates the achievement of the organizational goals and objectives (Brigham #038; Ehrhardt, 2011). Effective coordination among the vs. Tension, various functional units within the organization can help in bring their plans to correspondence with the objectives of the Century Essay, organization.

It is for this reason that an effective budgeting process can be used to convert the established goals and objectives into real data and Beginning Essay, outcomes for the organization. This is attained by harmonizing the The Sectionalism of the 19th, goals and objectives of various functional units with the organization with its overall goals (Horngren, 2003). Excellent budgeting process entails a documentation of the assumptions and the specific plans in the budget, which a core requirement during the budgeting process. A significant advantage associated effective and systematic budgeting process is that it results to systematic planning. Lack of proper documentation implies that the management can undertake shortcuts during the planning process (Higson, 2003).

In addition, documentation serves as a justification of the Mirgration to New York City Essay, budget; which is usually done in a manner to reflect the organizational requirements to facilitate the achievement of the objectives of the organization. It can therefore be argued that through documentation and justification of budget, the of the 19th, organizational goals and objectives can be transformed into actual outcomes that are measurable (Horngren, 2003). Excellent budgeting process also facilitates the control function of organizational management. Controlling mainly entails monitoring and in lord flies, evaluating the plan implementation, after which corrective action can be adopted. Owing to the fact that budgets are financial representation of the organizational plans, there are directly connected to the control function of organizational management (Jeremy #038; Robin, 2003). The budget can be used as a performance evaluation tool for the actual financial performance of the organization. This is The Sectionalism of the 19th Century Essay achieved by Headaches a comparison of the actual performance with the budget provisions in The Sectionalism Century Essay order to measure the level of deviations, which may be used as an York City Essay, indicator for corrective actions, which can be modified in accordance with the The Sectionalism of the, goals and objectives of the organization. This is based on the view that excellent budgeting provides the management of the organization with a framework for analysis and interpreting the outcomes in order to adopt reactive strategies (Maher, 2005). It is important to take into consideration the fact effective budgeting is not a form of forecasting. Forecasting mainly entails the vs. Tension Essay, prediction of the outcomes of the events, which is in contrary to budgeting, which entails planning for the outcome and adopting control strategies in order to capitalize on the chances for the attainment of the desired outcomes.

The effectiveness of budgeting processes requires the coordination and involvement of of the Essay all management levels in order to ensure the realization of the potential benefits associated with coordination and controlling (Maher, 2005). About Global Impact! Excellent budgeting also makes significant contributions to the attainment of the organizational goals by providing a framework for effective strategic planning, which mainly entails planning for the future direction of the firm basing on the present state of affairs. The role of The Sectionalism of the Century effective budgeting is that it facilitates the establishment of realistic goals for the business in accordance to the business environment (Warren #038; Reeve, 2011). Strategic management involves the transformation of organizational resources into elements that can enhance the performance of the organization, mostly in their external business environments. Some of the effective approaches to strategic management include the specification of the organizations vision and mission, development of well-planned policies and effective allocation of vs. Tension Headaches Essay resources in The Sectionalism of the 19th Century Essay order to jfk and rights, facilitate the realization of the stipulated goals and The Sectionalism 19th Century, objectives of the firm. Organizations are in dire need of strategic planning primarily because of the unpredictable trend of the global market place. Effective budgeting enhances the precision of strategy formation. Kee Product! . If strategy formation and evaluation are effective, the implementation of strategic management will not be a significant challenge to the business enterprise (Solomon, 2010).

Strategy formation typically entails option generation, which involves the establishment possible plan of approaches. Strategic formation is a sequential process, which begins by conducting a situation analysis for the organization, an evaluation of the The Sectionalism Century Essay, status for the business enterprise. Having carried an analysis, objectives are set in accordance with the long term and short term business requirements (Sid #038; Eric, 2003). Vision statements are also drafted, financial goals and Headaches Essay, strategic business objectives are set up. It is important that the proposed objectives put into consideration the of the, results of situational analysis, as a result, facilitate the establishment of strategic plan. The strategic plan should outline the process of the realization of the proposed objectives. Effective budgeting also facilitates the process of strategic implementation of the plan, which entails the putting of the proposed strategic plan into action. Strategic planning depends on strategic evaluation, after the choice of effective plan of approach that clearly outlines the goals and civil rights, objectives of the contemporary strategic management ( Harvard Business School, 2005). Because of the increasing complexity of the business environment and increasing decentralization of large organizations, there is The Sectionalism Century need to adopt effective controlling and planning strategies. As a result, excellent budgeting comes in handy because they are based on the guiding principles of vs. Tension Headaches responsibility accounting and financial reporting.

The organizational budget, together with the details plans serves to document the goals and objectives of the organization. The fundamental argument is that linking the budget to the strategic planning processes serves to enhance the organizational planning effort, which is core towards the attainment of the goals and objectives of the organization. Therefore, it can be summed up that an excellent budget process is the ability to convert objectives and goal into data (Shim #038; Siegel, 2011). Finding the resources to of the 19th Century, implement the budget calls for extensive use of human resources and involves correct perceptions of individual roles and communication plays an important role. In order to implement an effective budget, firms need to be selective when allocating the responsibilities of the budgeting processes. This implies that the Migraine vs. Tension Headaches Essay, people responsible for the budgeting process should take into account he values, strategies and of the Century, plans of the organization. To New York Essay! In addition, cost efficiency and effectiveness is required and that the knowledge of the resources required to generate the revenue for The Sectionalism of the 19th Century the strategic plans should be effectively allocated (Gibson, 2010).

These pre-requisites are essential when making the extensive use of human resources during the budgeting process during the planning, controlling and A Series Essay, allocation of the organizational resources. The implication of this is that organizations should make use budgeting teams that are of an optimal size in order to eliminate the potential discrepancies when forming the budgets. Effective budgeting processes require extensive use of human resources and their respective involvement in the process (Gibson, 2010). For the budgeting process to be sound, it must meet the of the, needs of the organization, maintain a consistency with the organizational structure and take into consideration the human resources. In addition, a sound budgeting process needs the integration and cooperation of the various organizational level including the top level management, the operational management and the support of the lower level staff within the organization (Gibson, 2010).

Apart from using the human resources during budget formation, it is also important that the budget should aim at Mirgration City exploiting the organizational resources including the financial and human resources. Owing to the fact that the budget establishes the vision for organizational growth, the 19th Essay, success of its execution depends on the effectiveness of the lee kum, personnel in charge of its execution. Furthermore, the budget is considered as a managerial tool for the organization that can be used in foreseeing its operations and of the Essay, the allocation of personnel and financial resources for the completion of the business operations outlined in the budget (Roman, 2003). Extensive use of the human resource entails the role of the management in the explaining the budget. After the approval of the final budget for the organization for every functional department within the organizations and lee kum kee product, the budget for the entire organization, they are distributed to the departmental managers. This can create resentment in cases whereby a department’s organization was significantly reduced in the final budget. In order to eliminate potential cases of The Sectionalism 19th Century resentment, which can significantly affect the commitment that departmental managers have on the goals and objectives of the organization, the top management has the responsibility of Essay Sports Global Impact explaining the budgetary decisions and Century Essay, their rationalization. An honest disclosure during the budgeting process is needed for it to be sound (Gibson, 2010). Vs. Tension! Assigning responsibility is also a vital phase of the budgeting process that requires the The Sectionalism of the Century, extensive use of human resources. An effective budgeting process requires that every member of the organization has a responsibility in achieving the Migraine Essay, financial goals outlined in The Sectionalism Century the budget.

This is not usually simple due to the fact that there is sharing of responsibility across the various functional units and organizational levels. Such constraints to effective budgeting can be eliminated through ensuring that there is accountability for the outcomes to the levels that makes the execution of the in lord, budget effective. Each personnel involved in the execution of the budget must be aware of the manager that he/she is supposed to of the 19th, report to ( Harvard Business School, 2005). Effective implementation of the budget requires the use of responsibility reporting, which facilitates the tracing of all the budgetary expenditures to a particular manager within the organization. This simply means that budgetary expenditures must be authorized by a particular manager within the organization. Responsibility reporting is analogous to the view that performance objectives must be traceable to managers within the Mirgration, firm. Therefore, budgetary expenses incurred by a manager and the functional unit in his/her control when in pursuit of the performance objective should be recorded.

Responsibility accounting fosters responsible spending, which is directly related to the organizational structure of the firm (Deegan #038; Unerman, 2005). A participative bottom-up approach to budget implementation and preparation is recommended for the finding the resources needed to implement the budget. A participative bottom up approach ensures that there is extensive use of human resources. The bottom up budgeting process starts at the operating level and Essay, is determined by kee product the goals and objectives of the functional units. However, the of the Century Essay, goals adopted by the functional units should make significant contributions towards the attainment of the overall goals and objectives of the larger organization (Sid #038; Eric, 2003).

Departmental managers are usually more motivated when their participation is who killed guaranteed in the budgetary process. The Sectionalism Of The 19th! A wider participation ensures that the budget receives support and the underlying goals that are to who killed of the flies, be accomplished after its implementation. Budgetary decisions have to be explained to the members of the of the 19th Century, organizations through communication. In addition, a participative approach enhances the accuracy of the budget estimates, which is a core requirement in the achievements of the goals and objectives of the firm. Managers who have operational responsibility for activities outlined in the budget have a better understanding of the outcomes that can be realized and their respective costs (Shim #038; Siegel, 2011). In addition, this eliminates the blames directed at unrealistic goals for not achieved the who killed, expectations of the budget when that have participated in the formation of the budget. Of The Essay! Irrespective of the involvement of the lower level managers in the implementation of the budget, the top level management must still be involved in the budgeting process in order to integrate the goals of the various functional units and ensure that that they are consistent with the goals of the larger organization. Participative bottom-up approach is needed in cases the responsibility of the organizational unit managers require innovation. This is because the managers of the functional units have comprehensive knowledge of what should be achieved, the opportunities and challenges, the resources to lee kum, be allocated and the problem areas that must be addressed (Gibson, 2010). Organizational communication plays an important role in finding the resources required for of the the implementation of the budget. The effectiveness of interdepartmental coordination and cooperation significantly depends on communication.

In addition, communication serves to vs. Tension Essay, harmonize the of the 19th Century Essay, goals and objectives of various departments to ensure that they concur with the goals and objectives of the entire organization. Piggy Flies! Organizational communication is of the Century Essay also needed when fostering coordination among the various management levels within the organization. This plays an important role in eliminating resentments within the organization due to perceived biases in budgetary decisions (Maher, 2005). As such, the top management has the responsibility of outlining the budgetary decisions and the reasons for the choice of such decisions. Vs. Tension Headaches Essay! It is arguably evident the effective implementation of the budget requires the The Sectionalism of the 19th Century, extensive deployment of human resources, which is attained through correct perceptions of the individual roles and the role that communication plays in the formation of an excellent budget (Jeremy #038; Robin, 2003). The differences between the communication flows when the budgeting process is Essay Sports Global imposed or participatory. There are two different approaches that organizations can deploy during the budgeting process.

They include the 19th Essay, participative bottom up and about, the authoritative top down approach whereby the The Sectionalism Essay, budget is imposed (Deegan #038; Unerman, 2005). The participative budgeting process entails the involvement of the operational managers while the authoritative budgeting process is characterized by budgetary imposition on the lower level managers with their participation being restrained. It is important to lee kum kee product, note that the success of the budget is mainly determined by The Sectionalism of the 19th Essay the manner in which the budget was developed. Budget programs that have turned out successful are characterized by the active participation of jfk and civil managers who have the responsibilities of cost control, which is a key element of participative budgeting. There is a probability that the authoritative budgets that are imposed will result to increased cases of resentments, which are significant barriers towards the attainment of cooperation and commitment that is needed to facilitate the achievement of the goals and objectives of the organization ( Harvard Business School, 2005). Communication flows during budgeting are mainly determined by the amount of The Sectionalism of the Century participation of the lower level managers in the budgeting process. The flow of budget data in the context of participative budgeting process starts from the lower levels of responsibility to the higher levels of management responsibility. Typical scenarios of budget data flow starts from supervisory levels of management, then to the middle management to the top management. Basically, each personnel having cost control responsibilities are supposed to develop their own budgetary estimates, after which they submit their budget estimations to the next higher management levels within the organization (Eddie #038; Peter, 2007). Reviews and consolidation of the budget data takes place as the budget data flows move up the higher levels of who killed piggy in lord management.

This usually involves a scrutiny of the budgets with higher management levels. Of The Century Essay! Budget reviews serve to eliminate the potential occurrences of budget slacks, which will result to Migraine Headaches, inefficiency and waste. In the context of participatory budgets, reviews are undertaken prior to the acceptance of the The Sectionalism 19th, budgets by the top management. In addition, participative budgets ensure that all levels of the organization corporate when developing the budget. Owing to the fact that the top management is not familiar with the operational aspects of the organization, the budgeting process should rely on the data provided by the subordinates, with the top level management having a role of harmonizing the goals of the various functional units within the Essay Sports Global, firm. Therefore, each of the cost responsibility levels within the organization should make significant contributions that can help in the formulation of an integrated budget ( Harvard Business School, 2005).

The top down budgetary approach is usually implemented during long term budget in circumstances whereby the organization is characterized by interdependence within the various functional units. Of The 19th Essay! A top down approach usually entails an imposed budgeting approach, whereby the budget data flows from the higher levels of management responsibility towards the lower levels of responsibilities. Under this approach, the different functional units are given specific performance objectives (Higson, 2003). There is a possibility that the budgets adopted by the functional units cannot ensure the achievement of the about Sports Global Impact, goals and objectives of the larger organization due to potential inconsistencies relating to the assumptions adopted by the different functional units. A drawback of this budgeting methodology is that the lower levels staff may not have the The Sectionalism of the Century, required to formulate effective budgets that are needed for every functional unit within the organization (Gibson, 2010). In addition, this approach to communication flows can significantly affect the motivation and commitment of managers due to the fact they are restrained from preparing the budget, rather their budgets are shaped by the budgetary requirements imposed by the top level management. This approach restrains creativity.

It is lee kum vital for the budget to take into account the The Sectionalism of the, inputs of the Migraine Essay, affected operational managers, which are supposed to be integrated in the larger organizational budget. This paper has discussed the role of excellent budgeting in transforming organizational goals and objectives into data and the differences between the communication flows in cases of imposed and participative budget. Effective budgeting makes significant contributions towards enhancing the efficiency of 19th Century Essay execution of organizational functions, implying that improper budget can jeopardize the achievement of the piggy in lord flies, goals and objectives of the organization. In addition, excellent budgeting processes should match the business needs of the organization. The basic implication that can be derived from this is Century that an effective systematic budgeting process is influenced by the core concepts of planning and control, which can help in value creation for the organization.

It is of Unfortunate Events: Essay important to note that the success of the budget is mainly determined by the manner in The Sectionalism Century which the budget was developed. Budget programs that have turned out successful are characterized by the active participation of managers who have the responsibilities of cost control, which is a key element of participative budgeting. Harvard Business School, 2005. The essentials of civil finance and budgeting. New York: Harvard Business Press. Bogsnes, B., 2008. Implementing Beyond Budgeting: Unlocking the Performance Potential.

New York: John Wiley and Sons. Century! Brigham, E.F. #038; Ehrhardt, E.C., 2011. Financial management: Theory and practice. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning. Deegan, C. #038; Unerman, J., 2005. The financial reporting environment. In Financial accounting theory.

London: McGraw Hill. pp.31-54. Eddie, M. #038; Peter, A., 2007. Accounting: An Introduction. New York: Financial Times Prentice Hall. Gibson, C., 2010. Financial Reporting #038; Analysis: Using Financial Accounting Information. New York: Cengage Learning. Higson, A., 2003. Corporate financial reporting: theory and practice. London: Sage.

Horngren, D., 2003. Cost Accounting A Managerial Emphasis. New York: Prentice Hall. Jeremy, H. #038; Robin, F., 2003. Beyond budgeting: how managers can break free from the annual performance trap.

New York: Harvard Business Press. Maher, L., 2005. Fundamentals of The Bad Beginning Cost Accounting. New York: Mc GrawHill. Roman, H., 2003. Budgeting: Approaches and Shortcomings. New York: GRIN Verlag. Shim, J. #038; Siegel, J., 2011. Budgeting Basics and Beyond.

New York: John Wiley and The Sectionalism Essay, Sons. Sid, K. #038; Eric, D., 2003. Budgeting for managers. New York: McGraw-Hill Professional. Solomon, J., 2010. Corporate Governance and Accountability. New York: John Wiley and Sons.

Warren, C. #038; Reeve, J., 2011. Financial and Managerial Accounting. New York: Cengage Learning.

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Making Consequence Management Work: Applying the Lesson of the The Sectionalism of the 19th Joint Terrorism Task Force. Supplement: CHDS Essay Contest (First Annual – 2008) ABSTRACT: Using the successful apprehension of the Mirgration “Fort Dix Six” as an example, this essay identifies the The Sectionalism of the 19th Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF) as the most successful effort in the area of jfk and rights, homeland security. The essay also nominates consequence management as the of the 19th Century area most critical for future success in homeland security. After analyzing the organizational structure of the JTTF, the essay proposes that the departments and who killed in lord of the, agencies responsible for consequence management adopt the JTTF “cross-functional team” approach to The Sectionalism of the Century Essay, mission areas that cross the boundaries of departmental authorities. Kee Product. By assigning cross-functional teams a clear mission and Essay, defining their roles and A Series Events: The Bad Beginning Essay, responsibilities, the federal government can best serve the taxpayer with effective operations and of the 19th Essay, avoid the confusion that has plagued consequence management planning and operations in the past. At about lee kum kee product 9:00 p.m. on May 7, 2007, Dritan and Shain Duka arrived at The Sectionalism Essay a home in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. 1 They had an important meeting that night—a meeting long in rights the making. They rang the doorbell and waited. Their appointment was to The Sectionalism 19th Essay, purchase AK-47 and M-16 assault rifles, the first installment of weapons needed for a terrorist attack against targets in Migraine the U.S. The Dukas must have been nervous; Osama bin Laden himself had not successfully attacked the The Sectionalism of the United States at home since September 11 th . The Dukas probably did not attribute al Qa‘ida and bin Laden’s failure to an innovation in U.S. government counter terrorism organization.

Perhaps they should have. Members of the rights South Jersey Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) closed in, arresting the Dukas and four other alleged co-conspirators. Work by the JTTF, involving law enforcement personnel from 19th Century a sweeping range of Headaches Essay, local, state, and federal agencies, had turned a single tip into six arrests. That tip, from Circuit City clerk Brian Morgenstern, began an eighteen-month long investigation by the South Jersey JTTF. 2 Over a year and a half, the The Sectionalism of the 19th Century Essay JTTF tracked the suspects and their activities by drawing on the expertise, contacts, and unique knowledge of individual JTTF members from Essay about Global Impact law enforcement agencies at every jurisdictional level. The team collaborated to build an investigation on of the 19th Essay thorough and convincing evidence of the suspects’ conspiracy to attack the U.S. Lee Kum. Army base at Fort Dix, New Jersey, as well as possibly other military bases and public events. On May 7, 2007, the “Fort Dix Six” were arrested and accused of The Sectionalism of the 19th, conspiring to commit murder.

Since that time, one of the conspirators has pled guilty to weapons charges. The other suspects await trial. Homeland Security and Innovating Bureaucratic Organization. The Joint Terrorism Task Force is a homeland security success because of the “mission-first” attitude inherent to A Series The Bad Beginning, its organization. The JTTFs, as “cross-functional teams,” are composed of officers from nearly every major law enforcement entity in the United States.

This organization makes the mission paramount by subordinating traditional institutional and of the 19th Essay, bureaucratic boundaries to the critical counterterrorism tasks at hand. The fact that terrorists have not successfully conducted a domestic terrorist attack against the United States is not an jfk and civil accident and is not for lack of of the 19th Century, effort on the terrorists’ part. Dr. James Carafano of the Heritage Foundation notes at least sixteen major terror plots disrupted by U.S. law enforcement since the World Trade Center attack. 3 The case of the Dukas’ conspiracy is just one thread in a tapestry of counterterrorism and homeland security successes by the JTTFs since 9/11. Consequence management, the ability of the U.S. government to respond to and recover from a devastating terrorist attack or natural disaster, will be the most critical element of Essay Global Impact, homeland security success in the future. Even if we are able to prevent every future terrorist attack, the U.S. government must still be capable of responding to catastrophic natural disasters to save lives and diminish damage to property. As President Bush and The Sectionalism of the, others have said, while the U.S. government must be right every time, the terrorists need only be lucky once. Hurricane Katrina painfully demonstrated that when local, state, and federal agencies respond to catastrophes, the whole is far less than the sum of its parts. Though some progress is jfk and rights being made, observations from the The Sectionalism of the Century Essay most recent National Level Exercises and who killed piggy, observations recorded in the 2006 Katrina Lessons Learned Report still reflect that mission success in consequence management takes a backseat to Century, parochialism among departments and agencies.

4. This essay identifies what makes the JTTF successful and applies those lessons to the planning and execution of consequence management operations. The first section of the essay addresses the Department of vs. Tension Essay, Justice charter for preventing terrorist attacks and the history of the JTTF as the context for its organizational arrangement and success. The second section proposes applying a structure similar to that of the of the 19th JTTF to U.S. government consequence management planning and execution. Exploring the Mirgration York City Success of the Joint Terrorism Task Force. The JTTF is structured to meet mission requirements rather than managerial vision per of the 19th Century Essay se . Former President Clinton’s Presidential Decision Directive – 39 validated and reaffirmed a long-accepted view that law enforcement, in in lord particular the The Sectionalism of the Essay FBI, leads the domestic counterterrorism mission. 5 Those responsible for accomplishing this mission, FBI special agents in the field, recognized that they could never succeed without the help and contributions of all other stakeholders.

The normal organization of the FBI was insufficient to cover the totality of their responsibilities. The FBI accepted the interagency task force as the best mechanism for integrating all local, state, and federal stakeholders into the counterterrorism mission. Jfk And Rights. The FBI first explored flexible interagency task forces in 1979 with criminal bank robbery investigations in New York City. 6 This criminal task force featured a single location with personnel from the FBI, New York State, and New York City law enforcement agencies and was a major success. In May 1980, FBI special agents decided the interagency task force organizational arrangement was the mechanism they needed to accomplish the 19th Century Essay counterterrorism mission. The New York City Task Force responded to terrorist threats by Puerto Rican separatists, the City Essay Weathermen Underground, and violent elements of the Black Panther Party that were joining together. “Out of necessity,” notes Supervisory Special Agent Brad Swim of the National Joint Terrorism Task Force, “New York ventured into the Task Force concept for the JTTF.”

Since that time, the JTTF has become the federal model for the counterterrorism mission. As of October 2007, 102 JTTFs operated full-time, with just over half their personnel from the of the Century FBI, 25 percent from state and local law enforcement, and 21 percent from other federal law enforcement agencies. 7 Individual JTTFs have no set staffing pattern; staffing, like counterterrorism investigation, is a franchise responsibility. State and Migraine vs. Tension Essay, local law enforcement agencies offer their personnel for detail to the local JTTF because of the valuable networking and investigative experience they gain. The broad acceptance of the of the 19th Century concept and its record of terrorism prevention strongly suggest that the JTTF works. The core principles of synergy and task orientation make the JTTF successful. Ideally, JTTF members assigned by their parent agency are full partners in every aspect of JTTF operations without regard to which federal, state, or local law enforcement agency employs them. 8 The individuals working at the JTTF who are not FBI personnel provide valuable reach back and collaboration with their parent agencies, but their daily assignments and investigative duties support only JTTF operations. Essay Sports Global Impact. This arrangement avoids supervisory conflicts. Essay. The regular cycling of employees from other law enforcement agencies to the JTTF facilitates a level of lee kum kee product, information sharing and collaboration that would be impossible in separate organizations that meet and 19th, share information only Events: Beginning occasionally. The JTTF, representing the The Sectionalism work of all area law enforcement in countering terrorism, exemplifies government operations that add up to more than the sum of their parts.

Applying the Success of the JTTF to Consequence. Public and private sector studies on “matrix organizations” and “cross-functional teams” describe why the principles of the JTTF work well. According to Migraine, a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report, “collaboration can be broadly defined as any joint activity that is intended to produce more public value than could be produced when organizations act alone.” 9 The GAO contends this extra value is generated through a defined and articulated common outcome; mutually reinforcing or joint strategies; leveraging common resources; agreed upon roles and responsibilities; and compatible policies and procedures among other elements. Of The 19th Essay. All these points are exemplified by the JTTF organization. Private sector organizational theorists Donald Cushman and Sarah King call this “cross-functional teamwork,” 10 which enhances organizational efficiency by kee product, “effective removal of all the artificial barriers between functional units along the value chain of the firm.” Cross-functional teamwork also facilitates “cooperation between people from different traditional organizational units,” eliminating problems which plague a company or its customers as a result of a cross-functional dispute where no one entity controls the process. Finally, “cross-functional teams facilitate intraproject and interproject cooperation.” These qualities, found in the JTTF, are absent from U.S. government consequence management operations where institutional boundaries are paramount over mission success. Cushman and King identify a major reason why consequence management operations fail. They aptly, albeit pessimistically, state that “people who work in different functions [organizations] hate each other.” 11 The JTTF, as a cross-functional team, makes the traditional jurisdictional disputes of law enforcement irrelevant by reorienting everyone towards the of the Essay same goal on the same team. The National Response Framework (NRF) , the updated guidelines for U.S. government consequence management, often confuses the reader with multiple goals under several command structures in numerous offices across different locations. Rather than upsetting the traditional authorities and their corresponding budgets, the NRF at times seems to reinforce the primacy of institutional boundaries at lee kum kee product the expense of the mission. The overlapping responsibilities of the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) and the National Response Coordination Center (NRCC) serve as an example.

While the NRCC is the coordination center for all disasters in the United States, the NIFC acts as another coordination center for 19th Century Essay only fire emergencies. While both these staffs work hard to support senior leader decision makers, having two operations centers, where one could suffice, creates a needless opportunity for confusion. Firefighters and decision makers may be left perplexed about whose information is correct and who is really in charge. Observers should not be surprised that the JTTF has enjoyed success; after all, it has gone farther than most elements of the who killed in lord of the flies U.S. The Sectionalism Of The. government to institute the cross-functional team model. Global. In Managing the Public Organization , Cole Graham and Steven Hays articulate the vision of of the Century Essay, cross-functional teams (also called matrix organizations): In matrix organizations, the various specialists are joined in A Series Events: Essay a common purpose, thanks to their membership on a team that is The Sectionalism of the Essay supervised and coordinated by an individual with responsibility for achieving a defined set of project goals. Meanwhile, however, their ties to lee kum kee product, their functional departments are not entirely severed…in addition to enabling managers to coordinate specialists more effectively, matrix organizations have achieved a reputation for creating work environments that are highly motivating and productive of innovations. The Sectionalism Of The 19th Century Essay. 12.

In his book, Richard Daft outlines three conditions that precipitate the need for matrix organizations. 13 The cross-functional team is the most desirable approach when two or more critical sectors compete for lead responsibility in a task area; when the task environment is complex and uncertain; and when an lee kum economy of scale is required to conserve resources. No U.S. government mission reflects these three conditions more than consequence management operations. The Sectionalism Century Essay. Our Federalist principles will not allow a single U.S. government entity to own all aspects of vs. Tension, consequence management. 14 Cross-functional teams must solve the problems posed by consequence management. The federal government should adopt a sensible process for Century Essay consequence management planning and execution at Essay Global the headquarters level, 15 and nominate a single cross-functional team under an individual department or agency for each step of that process. This assembly line would consist of cross-functional teams with members from all federal departments and agencies and some state, local, non-profit, and The Sectionalism Century Essay, private sector entities that are owned and housed by a lead department or agency. Lee Kum. An example process is outlined below: 16. Threat Analysis – completed by a cross-functional team under the director of of the 19th Century, National Intelligence, identifies which missions demand imminent preparation; Strategic Guidance Statement – completed by a cross-functional team owned by the White House Homeland Security Council, establishes the goals for planning; Deliberate Planning Process – completed by the Incident Management Planning Team (IMPT), a cross-functional team already in existence and owned by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), produces the following: analysis of the kee product mission based on 19th the strategic guidance, with IMPT team members obtaining feedback from their parent organizations; a concept of Migraine Headaches, operations to be approved by each parent organization; and a full deliberate plan for review and approval by the senior leaders in each representative organization; Crisis Action Plan – completed by 19th Essay, a cross-functional team in the DHS National Operations Center (NOC) no more than twenty-four hours after a contingency occurs, fills in the holes of the IMPT’s deliberate plan with the event’s details; and Mission Assignments – completed by a cross-functional team in the Federal Emergency Management Agency NRCC, gives specific orders for every actor in lee kum kee product the crisis to conduct their missions according to the plan produced by the NOC. This process, based on 19th Century Essay cross-functional teaming, guarantees a collaboratively-developed, collaboratively-executed consequence management operation at the federal department and agency level.

While fully reorganizing the federal government consequence management planning and execution system into cross-functional teams is revolutionary, there are some indications that such a change may be underway. DHS, created in the aftermath of 9/11, aspired to the effects of a cross-functional team but failed to institute the who killed piggy flies concept as designed. Of The Essay. The IMPT theoretically is a cross-functional team, but so far has only a low level of representation from vs. Tension Headaches organizations outside DHS. The IMPT is a cross-functional team for deliberate planning, but federal department and agency headquarters also need cross-functional teams to identify threats, provide strategic guidance, and then turn deliberate plans into crisis action plans and mission assignments. Our current piecemeal initiatives are well-meaning but miss the mark. Real success in consequence management operations will require a revolution of the bureaucracy, with cross-functional teams as the organizing principle. Our nation’s federalism guarantees that we will continue to The Sectionalism 19th, have essential responsibilities dispersed across many organizations at the federal, state, and local levels of government as well as non-profit and private sector organizations. To avoid the inevitable confusion created by diffuse responsibilities across multiple layers of government in a crisis situation, we need to adopt cross-functional teaming on a grand scale. The JTTF has demonstrated the manifold benefits of cross-functional teams by Migraine Headaches Essay, demonstrating success in counterterrorism.

The American people deserve the demonstrated success of cross-functional teaming for consequence management, the most critical future aspect of homeland security.

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akhenaten resume Date: 12/4/2003, 2:23 am. A reader emailed saying, I need to know the name of the Egyptologist who first theorized that Moses could have been Akhenaten. I'm not sure if there is an answer to this question. The Sectionalism Of The 19th Century? Perhaps it is best to start from the beginning and work forward. In a new book titled 'The Seventy Great Mysteries of Ancient Egypt,' it is stated (p 273): Since antiquity, many writers have tried to associate Moses with Akhenaten . Manetho, who claimed that the founder of monotheism - whom he called Osarsiph - assumed the name Moses, and Essay Sports, led his folllowers out of Egypt in Akhenaten's reign.

The spectre of Akhenaten was also transformed into Moses by The Sectionalism 19th writers such as Lysimachus, Tacitus and Strabo. A good summary of the relevant works of jfk and civil rights, Lysimachus, Tacitus and The Sectionalism of the 19th Century Essay, Strabo is found in a book by Egyptologist Jan Assmann called 'Moses the Egyptian.' Assmann does not believe that Akhenaten was Moses, but he does provide a detailed audit trail of thinking on the subject up until the Impact modern era. After Manetho, Strabo, and the other writers of antiquity, Assmann continues a discussion of The Sectionalism of the, two periods of who killed piggy flies, Egyptian 'revival' or 'Egyptomania' that are associated with two events in the history of Europe: the Renaissance and Napoleon's expedition to Essay, Egypt. The first revival consists mainly in the discovery of alleged 'Egyptian texts,' such as the treatise on the Egyptian hieroglyphs by Horapollo and the Corpus Hermeticum. (p 17-18) In the Renaissance, the figure known as Hermes Trismegistus (Hermes/Thoth the Thrice Great) emerges as the Egyptian Moses. The movement stalled when Isaac Casaubon made compelling arguments that the Hermetic writings were fabrications. However, after his death in 1614, new arguments by A Series Events: The Bad Ralph Cudworth resulted in the return of Hermes Trismegistus to favor and to what Assmann refers to The Sectionalism of the 19th Essay, as 'The Moses Discourse of the 18th Century. By then the Renaissance was over and Europe had entered into what is called The Enlightenment. Akhenaten did not figure much if at all in the debate of this time, although some thinkers such as John Toland continued to maintain that Moses was a true Egyptian. Others considered him to be a Hebrew in the traditional sense.

By the end of the 1700's there was apparently great interest in about Sports Global, Egypt, and this was possibly a motivation for 19th Century, the conquest of Egypt by Napolean and the subsequent 'Napolean Expedition' to conduct a scientific study of Egypt and the ancient remains. Reconsideration of Akhenaten as Moses did not resume in lee kum, earnest until after the discovery of Amarna/Akhet-aten in the late 1800's and the tomb of Tut in 1922. The best summary I have found on this second wave of Moses theorizing is in a book called 'The Search for the Gold of Tutankhamun (1976) by Arnold Brackman. All the text placed in quotes below are from pages 183-184 of that book. The first Egyptologists to The Sectionalism 19th, consider a relationship between Akhenaten and Moses were Sir Matthew Flinders Petrie, James Henry Breasted and Arthur Weigall. All three were intimately associated with Howard Carter and the opening of Migraine vs. Tension Headaches Essay, Tut's tomb. None went so far as to conclude that Akhenaten was Moses. Petrie and Oxford scholar A.H. Sayce were of the opinion that the Exodus occurred in the 19th Dynasty based on 19th Century Essay, the discovery of the so-called Israel Stela of pharaoh Merenptah and Biblical references to Rameses. Lee Kum? According to that school of thought, If the Old Testament is The Sectionalism 19th, accurate, Akhenaten, the heretic pharaoh who preached monotheism, was the precursor of Migraine vs. Tension Headaches Essay, Moses.

In his 'Dawn of Consciousness' (New York: Scribner's, 1934). Breasted directed attention to the striking parallels between Akhenaten's hymn to the sun and Psalm 104 and to other parallels between Egyptian religious texts and the Old Testament, notably the Proverbs. Breasted then drew the The Sectionalism 19th revolutionary conclusion that Akhenaten was the about Sports Global pathfinder in Century, the recognition of who killed piggy in lord of the flies, one God, a universal Creator of of the, all men . When the Hebrew prophet caught the splendor of to New Essay, this vision and rose to a higher level he was standing on The Sectionalism of the Century Essay, the Egyptian's shoulders.' Thus, Breasted concluded, 'Our moral heritage therefore derives from a wider human past enormously older than the Hebrews, and it has come to us rather through the Hebrews than from piggy in lord of the flies, them.' . Arthur Weigall, took the analysis further. He linked Exodus with Akhenaten's revolution and believed the Israelites were driven out of Egypt at Essay, the end of Tutankhamun's reign by Harmhab, the general who later proclaimed himself pharaoh. Weigall's case is stated in who killed piggy in lord of the, his 'Tutankhamen and The Sectionalism of the 19th Century, Other Essays' (London: Butterworth, 1923) and 'The Life and Times of Akhenaton (London: Blackwoods, 1923). According to Weigall, the jfk and civil Israelites were not only implicated in Akhenaten's heresy, but may even have caused it . 'I need not point out how wide an area of thought is opened up by this supposition that Moses lived through the The Sectionalism Aton heresy,' Weigall wrote in his 'Tutankhamen.' . Agreeing with this school was Sigmund Freud. In his last book, 'Moses and Essay about Global, Monotheism (New York: Knopf, 1939), Freud described himself as thinking the unthinkable. Moses, the liberator of the Israelites, who gave them their religion and laws, was, Freud speculated, an of the 19th Egyptian who had formerly been an aide to Akhenaten . It should be noted here that Breasted, Freud, and others of this school expressed alarm at putting their thoughts to paper in kee product, the thirties.

There is more information in Brackman's book, e.g., favorable comparisons between Akhenaten and of the Century Essay, Moses made later by Egyptologists such as Alan Gardiner and Wallace Budge. Other more recent books that discuss the impact on the discovery of Tut's tomb on Moses theorizing are: Tutankhamun: The Untold Story, by Thomas Hoving (1978) (recently reprinted in civil, 2001 or 2002) The Tutankhamun Deception, by The Sectionalism of the 19th Essay Gerald O'Farrell (2001) Tutankhamun: The Exodus Conspiracy, by Andrew Collins and Chris Ogilvie-Herald (2002) Freud and Essay about Impact, the Legacy of Moses, by Richard Bernstein (1998) Books on Hermes Trismegistus: Hermetica, The Greek Corpus Hermeticum and the Latin Asclepius in a new English translation, by Brian Copenhaver (1992, 1997) The Egyptian Hermes, A Historical Approach to the Late Pagan Mind, by Garth Fowden (1986, 1993) As I mentioned in the introduction to Chapter 16 of my book, the third generation Freudian Psychoanalyst William Theaux attempted to revive interest in The Sectionalism of the Essay, studying the link between Akhenaten, Moses and the Greek Oedipus as early as 1985. I don't know the exact form that this initiative took. Possibly he made some written appeals in his native country of France, but I have not personally seen them. It was in of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning, 1990 that Ahmed Osman published his book Moses: Pharaoh of Egypt. Ahmed Osman does not hold a PhD in Egyptologist, however he does have extensive formal training in Egyptology. To some, perhaps most, Egyptologists who do have PhD's, Ahmed Osman is not considered to be a true Egyptologist. For example, he was called an of the 19th Century Essay amateur by Archaeology Magazine. His credentials are given in the following article: In his own defense, Ahmed Osman has noted that two of the most esteemed living Egyptologists, Kenneth Kitchen and Donald Redford, took their formal education in Mirgration to New, other fields.

I don't know of any professor of Egyptologist who believes that Akhenaten was the Biblical Moses. That doesn't mean there aren't any who do, but I just haven't heard of any coming out The Sectionalism Century Essay, of the closet to support the theory. The aforementioned book 'The Seventy Greatest Mysteries of Essay, Ancient Egypt,' which was compiled from the contributions of 17 prominent Egyptologists and other specialists in related fields of The Sectionalism of the 19th, ancient studies, includes the following statement (p 276): If one were to seek a genuinely historical founder of Hebrew monotheism influenced by a foreign culture, one would certainly not find him at the court of Akhenaten. Professional Egyptologists, Archaeologists, Historians, Biblical Scholars and the like have made it very clear that they have no further interest in considering the association between Akhenaten and Moses. For them the matter is closed.

So, the pursuit of the truth is up to the rest of us. Personally, I have no qualifications to do this research, but came to the realization that if the mystery was going to be fully solved in my lifetime, then I was probably going to rights, have to do it myself! Yet, I do appreciate the encouragement and support received from those of you who feel as I do and want to contribute in whatever way they can. I want this to The Sectionalism of the Century Essay, be an enjoyable venture. A mystery only has the power to captivate until it is solved. After we know, we no longer find it important. Good thing life will always be full of mysteries, even after this particular one is finished. Forum is maintained by Administrator.

Charles N. Pope, US Library of Congress. All rights reserved.

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DoubleCloud = Private Cloud + Public Cloud. Command lines are very important for system administrors when it comes to The Sectionalism automation. Although GUIs are more likely (not always as I’ve seen too many bad ones) to lee kum kee product be more intuitive and easier to get started with, sooner or later administrators will use command lines more for better productivity. The Sectionalism Century. Check out DoubleCloud ICE if you want the Migraine Essay, best of The Sectionalism of the Century Essay, both GUI and Essay about Sports Impact, command lines. There are a few command line options in of the Century Essay VMware ESXi, among which is the vim-cmd. Events:. If you are familiar with vSphere API, you already know VIM is the original name for vSphere management (Virtual Infrastructure Management). The Sectionalism Of The. The vim-cmd is indeed associated with the vSphere API – it’s built on top of the Sports Global Impact, hostd which implements the APIs. With this context in mind, you can guess out what you can do with the vim-cmd in general. Time to learn how to Century Essay Google and manage your VMware and clouds in a fast and secure. For lower level of York, management and control of 19th, ESXi, you want to check out the esxcli command. The following is of Unfortunate The Bad Beginning, a quick overview of the The Sectionalism of the 19th, command and its subcommands.

On ESXi, the vim-cmd is at /bin/vim-cmd, which is actually a symbolic link to a host executable as shown in the following. # ls -l /bin/vim-cmd lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 11 Mar 23 2013 /bin/vim-cmd - /sbin/hostd. The vim-cmd has a few sub-commands. Civil. To find out, you can simply type vim-cmd at The Sectionalism Essay a SSH shell as follows: # vim-cmd Commands available under /: hbrsvc/ internalsvc/ solo/ vmsvc/ hostsvc/ proxysvc/ vimsvc/ help. As you can see, there are 7 sub-command categories with the help ignored (help is important but it does not represent a type of City, itself). With these 7 types, you can remove the 19th Century, svc (solo is exception) and get the types as: hbr, host, internal, proxy, solo, vim, and vm. I think you can guess out what they are for at vs. Tension high level.

Please note that the internal is The Sectionalism Century, not really related to internal APIs of the ESXi. Without further due, let’s drive down each categories. Virtual Machine Management Commands. Again, to who killed of the find out what specific commands avaiable in each category, you just type the subcommand such as vmsvc here. # vim-cmd vmsvc Commands available under vmsvc/: acquiremksticket get.snapshotinfo acquireticket get.spaceNeededForConsolidation connect get.summary convert.toTemplate get.tasklist convert.toVm getallvms createdummyvm gethostconstraints destroy login device.connection logout device.connusbdev message device.disconnusbdev power.getstate device.diskadd power.hibernate device.diskaddexisting device.diskremove power.on device.getdevices power.reboot device.toolsSyncSet power.reset device.vmiadd power.shutdown device.vmiremove power.suspend devices.createnic power.suspendResume disconnect queryftcompat get.capability reload get.config setscreenres get.config.cpuidmask snapshot.create get.configoption snapshot.dumpoption get.datastores snapshot.get get.disabledmethods snapshot.remove get.environment snapshot.removeall get.filelayout snapshot.revert get.filelayoutex snapshot.setoption get.guest tools.cancelinstall get.guestheartbeatStatus tools.install get.managedentitystatus tools.upgrade get.networks unregister get.runtime upgrade. As you can see, these subcommands are mostly mapped to the managed object type VirtualMachine in vSphere API. Some of these commands need additional arguments to The Sectionalism of the Century carry out its duty.

When it’s associated with a virtual machine, it’s the A Series of Unfortunate Events: Essay, virtual machine ID. 19th Essay. What is it? You can find out kee product, with getallvms command – just watch out the of the 19th Century, first column. This ID is in fact the Sports Impact, same as the value of ManagedObjectReference. You can therefore optionally find them out The Sectionalism 19th Essay, with the lee kum kee product, Managed Object Browser. # vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms Vmid Name File Guest OS Version Annotation 8 testVM [datastore1] testVM/testVM.vmx ubuntu64Guest vmx-09 . Note that the ID is The Sectionalism 19th Century Essay, simple an Sports integer. If you see something like “vm-9”, you are most likely get this from a vCenter MOB. You need to of the 19th Essay open URL to an ESXi for Mirgration to New York, the vim-cmd command here.

The following example shows the network a virtual machine (whose vmID is 8) connects to: # vim-cmd vmsvc/get.networks 8 Networks: (vim.Network.Summary) The following command list the Essay, taks related to the virtual machine. There is no task for the moment the command was issued, therefore an empty array was returned. # vim-cmd vmsvc/get.tasklist 8. The following command shows the capability of the virtual machine. Remember the property called capability defined with VirtualMachine managed object?

They refer to rights the same thing and hold the same values. # vim-cmd vmsvc/get.capability 8 (vim.vm.Capability) We’ve seen several commands that read information from the command. How about doing something? Here is The Sectionalism 19th, a command that creates new dummy virtual machine. I will expand on this in future posts. # vim-cmd vmsvc/createdummyvm testVM [datastore1] /testVM/testVM.vmx. There are a few more sub-commands that I don’t intend to show samples – they are very similar and you can explore them by yourself.

This category of commands are related to authentication, license, task management, etc. Kee Product. The following commands give you an idea what exactly they are and how to use some of them. # vim-cmd vimsvc/ Commands available under vimsvc/: auth/ license property_dump task_info connect login task_cancel task_list disconnect logout task_description. # vim-cmd vimsvc/auth Commands available under vimsvc/auth/: entity_permission_add lockdown_mode_enter role_permissions entity_permission_remove lockdown_mode_exit role_remove entity_permissions permissions roles lockdown_is_enabled privileges lockdown_is_possible role_add. # vim-cmd vimsvc/auth/role_add vm_test Role created: 10. The property_dump is an interesting one and Century Essay, I think very helpful for debugging.

Somehow I haven’t figured out the right parameters to A Series of Unfortunate The Bad Essay it. I will try more and The Sectionalism 19th Century Essay, update it later if I discover more there. At the same time, should you know a sample, please feel free to share in the comment. # vim-cmd vimsvc/property_dump (vmodl.fault.InvalidRequest) This category of commands are associated with networking as you can see from the jfk and civil rights, following console output. # vim-cmd proxysvc Commands available under proxysvc/: add_np_service disconnect port_info add_tcp_service login remove_service connect logout service_list. These commands are mostly straight-forward. Of The 19th Essay. Here is an of Unfortunate The Bad Essay example with port_info. The information displayed from of the Century Essay this command is consistent with the kee product, hostd configuration you can find at /etc/vmware/rhttpproxy/endpoints.conf. # vim-cmd proxysvc/port_info Http Port: 80 Https Port: 443. # more /etc/vmware/rhttpproxy/endpoints.conf / local 8309 redirect allow /sdk local 8307 redirect allow /client/clients.xml local 8309 allow allow /ui local 8308 redirect allow /vpxa local 8089 reject allow /mob namedpipe /var/run/vmware/proxy-mob redirect allow /wsman local 8889 redirect allow /sdkTunnel namedpipetunnel /var/run/vmware/proxy-sdk-tunnel allow reject /ha-nfc local 12001 allow allow /nfc local 12000 allow allow.

Unlike other command category, it does not come with svc as suffix. 19th Century. To find out what it does, just type in the following command: # vim-cmd solo Commands available under solo/: connect environment logout querycfgoptdesc disconnect login querycfgopt registervm. Most of the City Essay, commands like environment, querycfgopt, querycfgoptdesc are for showing the environment that a ComputeResource presents for The Sectionalism Century, creating and configuring a virtual machine. Migraine Vs. Tension Headaches. The corresponding managed object is the 19th Century Essay, EnvironmentBrowser in vSphere APIs. The most important command there is the registervm command, which can be shown as follows: Ooops! The path to the datastore is Mirgration to New York Essay, not right. It turns out Century, it has to lee kum be a path starts with /vmfs: # vim-cmd solo/registervm Insufficient arguments. The Sectionalism 19th. Usage: registervm vm path [name] [resourcepool] registervm [cfg path] [name(optional)] [resourcepool(optional)] Register the vm.

# vim-cmd solo/registervm /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/testvm/testvm.vmx 69. You may be wondering how to do the opposite kee product, – unregister a virtual machine. Essay. It’s in the vmsvc category and can be done as follows: # vim-cmd vmsvc/unregister 69. This category of commands represent the jfk and, most complicated ones in of the Essay the vim-cmd as it’s further divided into civil rights, many sub-categories. See these with / in the following output: # vim-cmd hostsvc Commands available under hostsvc/: advopt/ enable_ssh refresh_services autostartmanager/ firewall_disable_ruleset reset_service datastore/ firewall_enable_ruleset runtimeinfo datastorebrowser/ get_service_status set_hostid firmware/ hostconfig standby_mode_enter net/ hosthardware standby_mode_exit rsrc/ hostsummary start_esx_shell storage/ login start_service summary/ logout start_ssh vmotion/ maintenance_mode_enter stop_esx_shell connect maintenance_mode_exit stop_service cpuinfo pci_add stop_ssh disable_esx_shell pci_remove task_list disable_ssh queryconnectioninfo updateSSLThumbprintsInfo disconnect querydisabledmethods enable_esx_shell refresh_firewall.

Most of The Sectionalism of the 19th Essay, these command categories are self explantory, for example, datastore, autostartmanager, datastore, datastorebrowser, firmware, storage, summary, vmotion. Note that the summary is not really the same as you find from summary property of HostSystem managed object in vSphere API. To find out A Series of Unfortunate The Bad, what is there in The Sectionalism of the Century summary, just type the command: # vim-cmd hostsvc/summary Commands available under hostsvc/summary/: fsvolume hba scsilun. The three commands there are really for listing file system volumes, host based adapters, and SCSI LUNs. Returning back to the direct commands under the hostsvc, there is one called advopt. This is a shorthand for advanced options. The corresponding managed object in vSphere API is OptionManager. If you’ve been familiar with OptionManager, it’s easy to lee kum figure out how to use the commands. Another command subcategory that does not seem straight-forward is the rsrc, which is for The Sectionalism of the 19th Century, grouping resource pool related sub-commands. I don’t know why rsrc is who killed piggy of the flies, used, but I would have named it rp if I had designed it.

Anyway, a name is The Sectionalism of the 19th Essay, a name. Once you know what it is, we can just focus on its functionalities. Host Based Replication Commands. As you can guess, the lee kum kee product, hbr stands for host based replication. The following shows the of the 19th, sub-commands. As you can see, you can use them to manage the full cycle of Mirgration to New Essay, virtual machine replicas, and monitor them accordingly.

# vim-cmd /hbrsvc Commands available under /hbrsvc/: vmreplica.abort vmreplica.pause vmreplica.create vmreplica.queryReplicationState vmreplica.disable vmreplica.reconfig vmreplica.diskDisable vmreplica.resume vmreplica.diskEnable vmreplica.startOfflineInstance vmreplica.enable vmreplica.stopOfflineInstance vmreplica.getConfig vmreplica.sync vmreplica.getState. # vim-cmd /hbrsvc/vmreplica.getState Insufficient arguments. The Sectionalism Of The 19th. Usage: vmreplica.getState vmid Get the state of the specified replication group. # vim-cmd internalsvc Commands available under internalsvc/: perfcount/ host_mode_lock refresh set_log_level vprobes/ login refresh_consolenic shutdown access_address loglist refresh_datastores throw_exception cold_quit logout refresh_gateway use_fds connect redirect_stderr refresh_network disconnect redirect_stdout refresh_pnic Under the perfcount and vprobes, there are more sub-commands as follows: pre lang=bash # vim-cmd internalsvc/perfcount/ Commands available under internalsvc/perfcount/: enumerate query_execute query_list query_regex query_destroy query_info query_names scoreboard. # vim-cmd internalsvc/vprobes Commands available under internalsvc/vprobes/: listGlobals listProbes load reset version. vim-cmd commands are pretty powerful set of Essay, commands that are built on top of vSphere APIs. Without deep knowledge of vSphere APIs, you can start to The Sectionalism of the 19th Century Essay leverage the functionalities of vSphere APIs from ESXi Shell.

Combined with scripting capability of Linux Shell, you can do a lot of automation work. Walking through this basic tutorial, I believe you’ve got a high level overview of York City Essay, what the command is designed for, and more importantly, how you can take advantage of it. Of The 19th Century. At the York Essay, same time, there are still many details to be explored. You may want to give it a try by yourself, which is the The Sectionalism 19th Essay, best way to learn new technologies. If you have some cool scripts or ideas, please feel free to share here. Thanks for vs. Tension, your article, very clear writing. I came across this page when searching how to The Sectionalism register (vim-cmd solo/registervm) with the command line (somehow the free esxi5.5 wouldn’t let me register it with the A Series of Unfortunate Events:, GUI c-sharp client). Thanks for sharing. Really cool stuff vmware cli. Steve, thank you for the post. I have a question for you – is there a good reason NOT to The Sectionalism Century use vim-cmd and to use one of the remote APIs instead?

I’m using vim-cmd via SSH because ESXI (the free version of vSphere) does not support the remote APIs and kee product, it’s working perfectly fine for me but I was wondering if there’s any reason why I shouldn’t be using it. I’m using it to do things like starting and The Sectionalism of the Essay, stopping VMs, I have some automation in place which runs the commands from SSH sessions. You are welcome Matt, I don’t see any obvious reason why you should not use it except that vim-cmd features are limited (no vm cloning for Essay about, example) and The Sectionalism 19th, it does not scale. You have to connect to York individual host.

If you are fine with what vim-cmd offers and have not many hosts to of the 19th Century Essay manage, I think you are fine. Precise and kee product, easy , thanks for sharing. Hi Steve, great post! I’m using vim-cmd to do some backup jobs, and I’ve already tried some other jobs with the The Sectionalism of the 19th, Java API. Essay. Is there any function like “queryChangedDiskAreas” to The Sectionalism 19th Century get the City Essay, differences between two different disk versions?

Thanks Nick, did you mean the equivalent command for The Sectionalism 19th Essay, the queryChangedDiskAreas API? -Steve. Yes, I did. I would like to use that command in the shell in Migraine vs. Tension order to The Sectionalism of the 19th Essay use “only” the Host for the backup job. Thanks for your attention! If I remember correctly, the information may not be available from Essay Global vim-cmd. 19th Essay. I think you can use pyVmomi or vijavaNG for lee kum, these information. Do we have any command to reset the password for one of the VMs in ESXi using ESXI CLI.

I have tried other methods to do so, but failed in all. Good question. I don’t think so and that SHOULD NOT be the case due to security reason – if that is of the 19th Century Essay, true the VMware administrator would have too much power. Can you help me with a script to search all datastores connected to the host and remove hidden snapshots? I have several VMs that show no snaps in SS Manager but browsing their folder I see them. Hi Erik, if I understand you correctly, you used datastore browser and to New City Essay, found the snapshot files. But in the snapshot manager, you don’t find the corresponding snapshots. Of The 19th Century. How did you determine some of the snapshot files are actually not used? Or, actually there is no snapshots thus all the lee kum, snapshot files should be deleted.

Have you tried to delete these file manually from datastore browser? I feel it may be a bit stretch using script for this. Of The. Calling APIs may be an easier solution. I need to list down detail information from a host. I would like the piggy of the, output with the The Sectionalism 19th Century, below format. Could you advise me on Essay, how to retrieve? Many thanks in advance. hostname guestFullName (O/S) IP Address. AAA Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (32-bit) BBB Red hat Enterprise Linux 7 (64-BIT) CCC Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (32-bit)

DDD Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (64-bit) EEE Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (64-bit) I assume you want to get the The Sectionalism of the Century Essay, information about virtual machines – in vSphere, host has special meaning and is reserved for physical hosts. Please check out the in lord flies, VirtualMachine managed object for its guest property. Hi I think each vSwitch supports upto 1016 ports. Does any update of vSwitch which supports more? Thanks for of the Essay, the information. When I try to run the following script, # $1 – Host IP of the ESX server. # this is to create a snapshot before updating it to the latest version.

vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms | grep “$VM_NAME” | cut -d ‘ ‘ -f 1 | xargs vim-cmd vmsvc/snapshot.create ‘$2’.’$4? I run the shell script as ./ 6.5.5 6.5.6 01. It fails with the following error: cut: expected a list of Migraine Headaches Essay, bytes, characters, or fields. faultCause = (vmodl.MethodFault) null, msg = “Unable to of the 19th find a VM corresponding to “””, I was able to lee kum figure out.

This is 19th, correct answer. vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms | grep “$VM_NAME” | cut -d ” ” -f 1) Is there a way to just get the lee kum kee product, snapshot ID. # vim-cmd vmsvc/snapshot.get 54. –Snapshot Name :

–Snapshot Created On : 2/5/2016 1:5:24. –Snapshot State : powered off. That is cool Rajeev, thanks for sharing! grep and then cut? I am trying to get the of the Century Essay, IP addresss on a VM installed.. Used the City, vim-cmd command but IP address is shown as unset. Vmid Name File Guest OS Version Annotation. 49 vm-1 [datastore1] vm/vm-1_3/vm-1_3.vmx dosGuest vmx-07. ] vim-cmd vmsvc/get.networks 49.

network = ‘vim.Network:HaNetwork-VM Network’, Is it possible to change the The Sectionalism Essay, network adapter of to New York, a VM with vim-cmd? I couldn’t find any option. The closest thing to The Sectionalism 19th Century Essay doing is, I found in Stack Exchange,, but as the OP I would prefer a cli command over PowerCLI Cmdlets or editing the vmx file. The support on the NIC is about, not as much as disk in The Sectionalism Century Essay the vim-cmd.

You may want to try the pyVmomi or vijava, which can be packaged as command line and run on Linux. My company has created products like vSearch (Super vCenter), vijavaNG APIs, EAM APIs, ICE tool. We also help clients with virtualization and jfk and civil, cloud computing on customized development, training. Should you, or someone you know, need these products and Essay, services, please feel free to contact me: steve __AT__ @DemitasseNZ @arielsanchezmor Glad you found and liked the tiny yet powerful #Java #GUI for deploying #OVF and #OVA… about 1 week ago @rooooonny Just downloaded the jar and jfk and civil, scanned #Windows 2016.

All good, plus on my #Macbook. Of The Essay. Anyone use it on… about 2 weeks ago @rooooonny Thanks for The Bad Beginning Essay, the info. Lib at issue is from Maven central Unless it's hacked, may be false alarm. about 2 weeks ago Check out what is *new* in #cloud from 19th Century Essay @hypergrid : works like #AWS #Azure for Essay Global, users, but on The Sectionalism of the Essay, premise and Migraine vs. Tension, lower TCO about 3 weeks ago [DoubleCloud] VMDeployer 1.8 Released: Full and The Sectionalism Essay, Fast Datastore Browser Support about 3 weeks ago An annotated screenshot for VM Deployer 1.7 highlights features 4 deploying #ova or #ovf to #vsphere (#vcenter or… about 1 month ago @jasonboche @DeepStorageNet Try out the #free tiny (3MB) #Java GUI I created to deploy #OVF or #OVA to #vSphere. It… about 1 month ago Try the #Java GUI tool of 3MB in size 4 deploying OVA, OVF on to #VMware Disclaimer: I wro…

about 1 month ago [DoubleCloud] VM Deployer 1.7 Released with GUI Enhancements: Best Tool to Import and Export Virtual Machines about 1 month ago @VFrontDe Thanks @VFrontDe! For those who haven't tried it, here is screenshot. Benefits: easy, small, works. CLI i…

@DemitasseNZ on VMDeployer 1.8 Released: Full and Fast Datastore Browser Support @vmtnblogbeat on VMDeployer 1.8 Released: Full and Fast Datastore Browser Support Steve Jin (@sjin2008) on VMDeployer 1.8 Released: Full and Fast Datastore Browser Support Adam Nahmias on Virtual Machine, IP Address, and MAC Address: Frequently Confused Concepts DebianVisitsWin7 – PLACET EXPERIRI on Configure Static IP Address on Migraine, Linux VM in VMware Player Planet v12n Blogs (@planetv12n) on VM Deployer 1.7 Released with GUI Enhancements: Best Tool to Import and Export Virtual Machines Steve Jin (@sjin2008) on The Sectionalism of the 19th Century, VM Deployer 1.7 Released with GUI Enhancements: Best Tool to Headaches Import and Export Virtual Machines Raju gHORAI on How to Build Smaller and Faster Virtual Appliance Planet v12n Blogs (@planetv12n) on VM Deployer 1.6 Released: Pure Java Command Line And Better UI to Import and Export OVF Steve Jin (@sjin2008) on VM Deployer 1.6 Released: Pure Java Command Line And Better UI to Import and The Sectionalism of the Century, Export OVF. September 2017 (1) August 2017 (6) July 2017 (3) June 2017 (1) May 2017 (2) April 2017 (3) March 2017 (1) January 2017 (2) December 2016 (1) November 2016 (3) September 2016 (1) August 2016 (1) July 2016 (1) June 2016 (2) May 2016 (2) April 2016 (1) March 2016 (8) February 2016 (6) January 2016 (1) December 2015 (1) November 2015 (1) October 2015 (2) September 2015 (2) August 2015 (3) July 2015 (2) June 2015 (3) May 2015 (6) April 2015 (1) March 2015 (3) February 2015 (1) January 2015 (2) December 2014 (2) November 2014 (3) October 2014 (2) September 2014 (2) August 2014 (4) July 2014 (3) June 2014 (2) May 2014 (4) April 2014 (4) March 2014 (7) February 2014 (5) January 2014 (11) December 2013 (9) November 2013 (9) October 2013 (6) September 2013 (11) August 2013 (5) July 2013 (6) June 2013 (8) May 2013 (5) April 2013 (6) March 2013 (6) February 2013 (4) January 2013 (5) December 2012 (5) November 2012 (6) October 2012 (9) September 2012 (5) August 2012 (5) July 2012 (10) June 2012 (9) May 2012 (8) April 2012 (7) March 2012 (11) February 2012 (9) January 2012 (6) December 2011 (8) November 2011 (11) October 2011 (5) September 2011 (8) August 2011 (13) July 2011 (8) June 2011 (14) May 2011 (21) April 2011 (8) March 2011 (12) February 2011 (17) January 2011 (12) December 2010 (11) November 2010 (14) October 2010 (10) September 2010 (12) August 2010 (18) July 2010 (11) June 2010 (14) May 2010 (18) April 2010 (25) March 2010 (31) February 2010 (26) January 2010 (16) Warning : Missing argument 2 for A Series The Bad Beginning, wpdb::prepare(), called in /homepages/28/d314767911/htdocs/wp-content/themes/inove/footer.php on 19th Essay, line 22 and defined in /homepages/28/d314767911/htdocs/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1210. Copyright 2010-2017 DoubleCloud = Private Cloud + Public Cloud.